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Colorful Rats Mod

You can download the Colorful Rats mod for Minecraft PE on Android and see how it affects your character! Interested in befriending these new creatures in the game world?

Colorful Rats Mod for MCPE: Impact on Steve

Typically, rats in stories signify negative outcomes. However, the creators turned this around and made them a good sign.

Key Features:

  • Introduces various animals and birds into the pixel reality.
  • Ability to tame animals.
  • New friends and defenders in the form of animals.
  • Accessories for mobs.
  • Various types of small rodents.
  • Rats spread rapidly throughout locations.

This mod adds rats of different colors:

  • Gray
  • Brown
  • White
  • Black

When nearby, players can hear the realistic squeaking of rodents.


  • Can guard Steve’s mansion.
  • Can become loyal friends after taming.
  • Rats retaliate when attacked.
  • Rats run away from Steve.

Spawn exclusively at night.

Health: eight units.
Damage: three units.

New Animals:

  • The Rat mod adds various animals and birds, expanding the collection:
  • Rodents can change color based on mood.
  • Steve can create a rat of any color.
  • Rats drop raw meat when killed.

Health: ten units.
Damage: two units.

  • Includes raccoons, rabbits, turtles, etc.
  • Includes aggressive wild animals like boars.
  • Total of twenty new mobs, real and fictional.

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