Classic Short Sword textures

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Classic Short Sword textures

The Classic Short Sword textures are a popular choice among PvP players to enhance their view during battles in Minecraft PE. This pack will help create either a slanted blade or a simple shortened sword.

  • Features of PvP Sword Textures:
    This texture pack for MCPE shortens or slants the blades of all sword textures, using classic designs except for netherite, as it is not used in this form on servers.

Ensure you place this resource pack above the vanilla Minecraft textures for everything to work correctly.

Demonstration of Short Swords:
Below we present two variants of swords offered by these textures: shortened and slanted. You can choose which option to use during gameplay in the settings.

  • Slanted Swords:
    Here’s how the slanted sword blades will look during your PvP:

  • Shortened Swords:
    This is the standard look of the classic shortened sword designed for PvP:

Classic Short Sword textures

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