Classic Movies Cars addon 1.21+

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Classic Movies Cars addon 1.21+

The Classic Movies Cars addon introduces stunning classic cars from well-known films into your Minecraft PE world. These iconic vehicles provide both convenient and stylish transportation!

  • Highlights of the Classic Cars Mod:
    Incorporate a vintage avto, inspired by a classic film, into your MCPE gameplay. This car can accommodate up to four passengers and boasts features such as windshield wipers for rainy conditions, headlights for nighttime driving, and a built-in trunk.
  • Using the Car:
    To sit in and drive the avto in Minecraft (Bedrock), crouch and interact with the vehicle. The same action applies when you want to exit the car.
  • Windshield Wipers: Automatically activate during rain.
    Headlights: Automatically turn on at night.

  • Repairing the Car:
    If your car gets damaged and breaks down, you can repair it using 3 iron ingots and a pre-crafted wrench. Crouch and interact with the car to fix it.

  • Using the Trunk:
    To access the trunk at the front of your car, approach it, crouch, and interact to open it and store items. Be aware that all stored items will drop if the car breaks down.

  • Crafting the Car:
    Utilize the following recipe to craft your own classic avto in your cubic world.

Classic Movies Cars addon 1.21+

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