Bukit Sion UNTOLD Soeyono Map

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Bukit Sion UNTOLD Soeyono Map

Explore the Untold Secrets of Bukit Sion with the Soeyono Map!

Embark on an intriguing adventure in the mysterious area known as Bukit Sion. There’s a legendary, yet controversial figure, an elderly man who some label as a serial killer. However, these claims remain mere rumors, as the police haven’t been able to gather sufficient evidence to arrest him.Bukit Sion UNTOLD Soeyono Map

You’ve recently moved to this enigmatic place and decided to reside at the peaceful Soyono boarding house. As you assist the old man, you unwittingly start unraveling the dark secrets he conceals. Your choices will determine whether your journey leads to a happy, normal, or ominous ending.

Discover various areas within Bukit Sion:

Bukit Sion UNTOLD Soeyono Map

Bukit Sion UNTOLD Soeyono Map

Firewood Storage: Find a special key by helping Soyono, and unlock this area for exploration.

Down the Stairs: This is your first discovery on your initial day in the area.

Secret Area: Uncover this hidden spot by opening a locked door.

Abandoned Vault: A calm and serene location, though its tranquility vanishes at night when spirits await help.

Storage Below: Accessible on day 3 after completing Soyono’s quest by acquiring the requested cake.

Delve into intriguing quests:

Unravel the Mystery of Poisonous Potatoes: Collect all 41 Poison Potatoes and place them in the oven to witness something extraordinary.

Unlock a Specific Ending: Gather all secret recipe ingredients, including all golden food items and one unappetizing object. Bake them together to unlock a unique ending.

Bukit Sion UNTOLD Soeyono Map

Bukit Sion UNTOLD Soeyono Map

Bukit Sion UNTOLD Soeyono Map

Bring Justice: Break all the skulls and seek help to apprehend the alleged criminal, Soyono!

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