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Bridges addon

If you’re tired of wandering on rough paths and surfaces, as well as climbing over walls in inconvenient places, you can download the Bridges addon for Minecraft PE on Android and build beautiful, smooth arches in unlimited mode!

The Bridges add-on: why players need it

The creators of the famous application have decided to significantly ease the lives of active characters by adding an interesting and easy mod for MCPE.

What it can do:

  • Movement across the terrain is significantly easier: you don’t need to bypass all the rough spots and bravely overcome them.
  • Less time is spent clearing especially dirty, cluttered with garbage and debris, areas.
  • No need to spend a long time breaking blocks and finding detours, which saves a lot of time, especially needed when running away from monsters.
  • It’s also easier, more interesting, faster, and more productive to pass through closed territories.
  • All bridges are portable and very convenient to use on the constructed route.
  • Bridges can be placed in different directions and sections.
  • Single-block slabs can be placed on top or bottom – they can, for example, girdle the entire mountain!

Bridges addon

Bridges addon

The appearance of new building details.
Wooden Bridges
It has various variations of wooden structures.

Their advantages:

Ease of construction and transfer to a new area;
Wood is the cheapest and most common material in the online game;
You can change the location of the platform – the player just needs to choose the right direction;
Each type of craft has at least three platforms – Steve always has somewhere to walk.
But a significant drawback is the lack of railings and support columns – with an awkward movement, you can easily fall and not get up again. It will all be over.

More bridges
Now players can build bridges from other materials, namely:

  • Cobblestone;
  • Stone;
  • Bamboo;
  • Iron.

Bridges addon

Bridges addon

Bridges addon

The main advantage here is the presence of railings and supporting columns. However, you need to use more materials for construction. And special threads help to securely fix the resulting structure.

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