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Big City map

Download the Big City map for Minecraft on your Android device and immerse yourself in a sprawling metropolis, living among amiable residents while creating your own apartment.

Key Features of the Big City Map in Minecraft PE: Mansion
To begin with, the larger the sandbox, the more dynamic and vibrant the city becomes in Minecraft PE.

Moreover, brace yourself for an extraordinary journey through a contemporary metropolis where each building boasts a unique design.

The creation of these maps demanded a significant amount of time, with one location taking an impressive two years to design!

Additionally, it’s worth noting that developers continuously refine their creations. Consequently, new districts and structures emerge on the Big City map over time.

Big City map

  • Calvada

The transformation of the Big City of Calvada is just starting. However, players may already notice colorful skyscrapers and landmarks.

In Minecraft PE’s Big City map, you’ll find gardens, parks, highways, and expansive roads.

Most notably, the majority of buildings sport a glassy exterior, mimicking real panel houses that reach towards the sky—essentially skyscrapers.

Selecting your preferred apartment is a breeze. Fortunately, all rooms come furnished with furniture.

  • Mafia

Yet another expansive city for Minecraft PE, but this time, you confront a serious threat from the mafia. These gangsters instill fear throughout the metropolis, terrorizing the local residents.

The map is designed in two colors: black and white. This choice gives the location a simple and concise appearance.

There are no unnecessary embellishments—only the essential buildings.

  • New Orsher

It’s safe to say that New Orsher is the most extensive and intricately detailed city for Minecraft PE.

Developers went above and beyond to replicate a version of New York in the sandbox world.

Here, you’ll discover a unique Statue of Liberty, a drawbridge, and a massive glass office.

Moreover, the Big City map undergoes periodic updates, introducing new locations to the metropolis.

Big City map

Big City map

Big City map

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