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Bed Mod

Would you like to add stylish furniture to your bedroom interior to sleep on with comfort and convenience?! Then you can download the Bed Mod for Minecraft PE on Android and enjoy the result!

Modification: what value does it have for the player

Developers know well how active characters love to sleep in their favorite blocky application after a long and tiring day in the game. But until recently, there was a significant lack of interior items for the bedroom.

What has changed:

  • Introduction of various types of beds and other sleeping places into the process.
  • Beds have become more pleasant and comfortable.
  • You can create an unusual sleeping place of any shape or decorate it with original accessories.
  • For connoisseurs of beauty, there are options for decorating beds in vintage or author’s styles.
  • Beds from Sweden

This Bed Mod for MCPE is “reserved” for the popular Swedish blogger PewDiePie. He often covers events in the game and has a significant army of fans. The developers of this addon decided to name the new series of beds after the famous person.

They offered active players two options:

  • Stylish and comfortable beds with various prints;
  • More modest in appearance and functional sleeping places, analogues of “IKEA” furniture.
  • mprovement of the sleeping place

This update allows you to easily and quickly forget about boring standardized beds in the game that used to not decorate the interior of the dwelling in any way.

What the creators of the online game offer:

  • Comfortable and pleasant stay in a new, improved sleeping place;
  • Various comfortable pillows;
  • Many new bed models;
  • A wide range of colors – you can change them according to your mood.
  • Vintage furniture

This mod is designed for lovers of antique interior items from the distant past.

What it gives the player:

  • New furniture that decorates the Minecraft reality;
  • A variety of bedside tables, cabinets, and other furniture items;
  • Stylish vinyl records;
  • The appearance of signs and flowers in pots;
  • The ability to open your own shop with vintage items.

Bed Mod for Minecraft PE

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