Basic Survival Vehicles Add-on

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Basic Survival Vehicles Add-on

Minecraft PE tech enthusiasts are in for a pleasant surprise with the introduction of the new Basic Survival Vehicles Addon. This exciting addition brings a diverse range of vehicles designed for use in the most challenging conditions. For instance, you can now navigate water bodies and go fishing directly in the ocean with ships, or cover vast distances in a short time with airplanes.

Here are some of the most intriguing models:

A fishing boat that moves swiftly on water.

Basic Survival Vehicles Add-on

A versatile ship that not only sails on water but also lava, providing players who disembark with 5 seconds of complete fire immunity.

Basic Survival Vehicles Add-on

A simple-to-control plane; just look up or down to take off or land.

Basic Survival Vehicles Add-on
A fortunate motorboat that allows you to breathe underwater.

Basic Survival Vehicles Add-on
A combat tank capable of firing.

Basic Survival Vehicles Add-on
A massive drill that enables fast cave exploration and mining of any type of ore.

Basic Survival Vehicles Add-on
A sports car for off-road driving, offering an exhilarating blend of speed and terrain capability.

Basic Survival Vehicles Add-on
You can explore all these possibilities right now by downloading the Survival Vehicles Addon and crafting your desired vehicles.

How to obtain the vehicles:

  • /summon fb:fishingboat
  • /summon fb:lavaboat
  • /summon fb:skyplane
  • /summon fb:luckboat
  • /summon fb:at14
  • /summon fb:mr2aw11
  • /summon fb:miningdrill

After destroying a vehicle, it breaks down into its component parts.


  • Download the mod.
  • Open the files using Minecraft.
  • Activate the packs in the settings.
  • Enable “Experimental Settings.”
  • Launch your world.

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