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Arath's Guns

Arath’s Guns Addon is an exception to the rule: dozens of pistols, rifles, and machine guns are meticulously designed, available in “Survival” mode, and adapted for PvP and PvE modes.

With so much content, detailed instructions for those who have decided to rewrite the history of Minecraft will certainly not hurt…

  • New workbenches:

The equipment presented in the modification is assembled from available materials on special workbenches, necessary for working with schematics of vintage and modern weapons.

  • Standard gun rack:

  • Advanced workshop:

  • Ammo box:

In addition to workbenches, the mod pack also includes a machine specifically designed for the production of bullets, shotgun cartridges (buckshot, pellets), and rockets.

Ammo is assembled using a whole collection of recipes, which will gradually appear among the weapon schematics.

At the same time, the modification also provides additional instructions – for example, regarding which resources will be needed during crafting (in 99% of cases, wood, iron, and copper ingots, gunpowder, and coal are required, but there are also slightly more complex requests).

The developers have also changed the shooting mechanics: now on mobile platforms, there are additional buttons for aiming and reloading, as well as new interactive panels displaying the amount of ammunition in the magazine. And if the indicator approaches zero (for example, 0/60), then to change the magazine, the item must be taken in the second (non-primary) hand.

In total, the mod features over 60 types of weapons, including vintage (from World War II) and modern ones, as well as heavily modified ones: the collection includes a redesigned AK-47, an M203 with an under-barrel grenade launcher, and even sniper rifles with optical sights.

The assembly also includes some truly exotic prototypes: the same M4A1 with an under-barrel shotgun, and even the Springfield rifle with a bayonet, which unsurprisingly deals damage in close combat.

  • Characteristics:

The content in the modification is divided into several parts – according to the audience’s requests and several time frames. Despite the categories, it is easy to understand the instructions – just look at the diagrams attached to the workbenches.

  • Vintage weapon collection:

A category of historically accurate equipment stylized in pixel art style. Machine guns, pistols, and shotguns will increase your chances of dealing with even a whole army of enemies, and will also be suitable for thematic PvP battles with friends.

  • Thompson submachine gun.
  • Golden Thompson submachine gun.
  • Luger pistol, caliber 9mm.
  • Mauser C96 semi-automatic pistol.
  • American Winchester.
  • German StG 44 assault rifle.
  • Hand-held bazooka.
  • Winchester 1887 lever-action shotgun. Damage – 24 (15 area damage), magazine capacity – 5, ammunition type – cartridge with bullets, attack speed – 1.5.
  • Double-action revolver.
  • Double-action revolver pair. Damage – 13, magazine capacity – 12, ammunition type – small caliber, attack speed – 0.4.
  • American Springfield rifle.
  • American Springfield rifle with scope.
  • Vintage sawn-off shotgun.
  • Pair of sawn-off shotguns.
  • Single-shot bolt-action pistol.
  • American M67 grenade.

  • Modern weapon collection:

An alternative to rare equipment – modern models of weapons that are in service in many European countries, as well as in Asia and the USA.

  • Automatic shotgun AA-12.
  • Kalashnikov automatic rifle (AK-47).
  • Modified version of the AK-47.
  • UZI submachine gun.
  • Golden UZI submachine gun.
  • M202A1 Flash rocket launcher.
  • Modern grenade launcher.
  • M4A1 automatic rifle.
  • Modified M4A1 rifle.
  • Classic M16 rifle.
  • M16&M203 assault rifle.
  • Rapid-fire FN SCAR rifle.
  • SCAR with grenade launcher.
  • 7-round revolver.
  • Modified sawn-off shotgun.
  • Cult carbine “Saiga-12”.
  • Czechoslovak Skorpion pistol.
  • Austrian Glock 17 pistol.
  • Glock 17 pistol with silencer.
  • Pair of Glock 17 pistols.
  • Desert Eagle pistol.
  • German MP5 submachine gun.
  • Barrett M82 large-caliber rifle.
  • Barrett M82 rifle with scope.
  • G3SG1 rifle, featured in the CS series.
  • G3SG1 rifle with sniper scope.
  • Fictional Railgun.
  • Compact “Micro-Uzi” model.
  • Pair of “Micro-Uzi” weapons.
  • Kalashnikov machine gun.
  • American M60 machine gun.
  • SPAS-12 special purpose shotgun.
  • Soviet RPG-7 grenade launcher.

  • Sniper rifles:

Springfield and Barrett M821A1 come with an optical scope, necessary for shooting targets located at a distance of 20 to 50 blocks.

  • Signal pistol:

The unique “Rocket Launcher” not only deals damage to mobs (including periodic fire damage) but also illuminates the path and can attract the attention of military aircraft operators capable of dropping supply crates from the sky. Whether any items will arrive depends on the time of day and the shooter’s location.

  • Minigun:

With recent updates, the arsenal now includes a “Minigun” with 28 damage units, a belt with cartridges (300 pieces), and lightning-fast rate of fire. Interacting with the machine gun is easy – just get as close as possible and then press the fire button.

AAC Honey Badger automatic rifle:
Among the additional innovations introduced in the update is the “AAC Honey Badger” rifle, which has a high rate of fire, 15 damage units, and a 30-round magazine (AAC Honey Badger ammunition).


TNT has been partially reworked: now, in addition to the classic explosive block, there is also a dynamite stick that deals 2.5 damage units in an area up to 10 blocks.

Supply crates
If a shot from a signal pistol still attracts a military airborne group, then one of the 3 available crates will fall from the sky onto the map:

  • With a blue parachute: contains weapons and ammunition, including Glock 17, several types of shotguns, MP5, and even a set of sniper rifles or “Micro-Uzis”.
  • With an orange parachute: hides armor, first aid kits, snacks, and resources such as gold, iron, and copper ore.
  • With a black parachute: a special box with ammunition for all types of weapons, excluding rockets and grenades.

  • Sapper suit:

  • Drone:

A reconnaissance unit that periodically appears in all biomes without exception. Drones collect information and sometimes carry ammunition and unusual equipment, so it is worth shooting down such researchers at least periodically.

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